Q. If I live in Miami can I pick my order up?

A. At the moment, we are online only. All orders placed must be shipped.


Q. How long is shipping?

A. Shipping is only 3-7 business days after your payment processes but it may vary.  


Q. Do you have express or overnight shipping?

A. At the moment, we do not offer expedited shipping.


Q. How many bundles do I need?

A. We suggest :

8-16" 2 or more bundles

18-22" 3 or more bundles 

24-30" 4 or more bundles

32” or longer 5 or more bundles 


Q. Do you have transparent frontals and closures?

A. Yes we do. They are the HD Lace but our lace wigs, frontals and closures comes in a medium brown color and blends well with many complexions unless it states otherwise.


Q. If I order a wavy pattern, can it be straightened? 

A. Yes, all of our extensions can be straightened!


Q. What Do I Need To Do In Order To Achieve A Look That Looks Realistic?


  • Bleach the knots with 30-40 developer and a powder bleach
  • Leave bleach on the wig for at least 15-20 mins, less time if knots are blonde already (Time measurement is your preference)
  • Pluck the hairline and wig to custom fit your hairline, Yes it comes preplucked but you want it to fit your hairline
  • Customize baby hairs to your liking
  • Use either Bold Hold or Ghostbond adhesive 
  • Sew the wig down


Q. Do you offer wholesale?

A. Yes! Please send email to beautyvaultlux@gmail.com for more information.


Q. Where can I see customer photos and reviews?

A. Some of our customers can be found on our Instagram page. Please keep in mind that we are a wholesaler and we respect our clients privacy 100%, meaning we do not post all customer photos that we receive.



Q. I don’t see the answer to my question, how can I contact you? 

A. Please email us at beautyvaultlux@gmail.com